Here are just a few reasons we think the greater Des Moines area is a good place to start your business.

1. The community has pride in local endeavors and welcomes new ideas and innovation. (Pinterest had a large Iowa following early on because of its connection to Des Moines)

2. The saying “Iowa Nice” is true. Midwesterners are friendly and ready to help. Des Moines is a large enough community to offer many resources while small enough to allow startups access to the people and support that are necessary to build successful companies.

3. Leading city amenities, low cost of living, space to breathe, good family values, great art scene, and delicious food options provide a great lifestyle balance outside of work.

4. Des Moines is centrally located making it easy to connect to Chicago, Kansas City, Omaha, and Minneapolis by car and is just a short flight from either coast.